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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – All Answers, Tips, and Solutions (LEVEL 51 TO 100!)


Level 51: To figure out which bottle is soda, shake the phone and then tap on the bottle that explodes. The exploded bottle is the soda one.

Level 52: The cheapest of the four set meals is the $10 one, because it’s cheaper than the other ones. No tricks in this question.

Level 53: To help Miss Bat get to sleep, simply turn your phone upside down. Bats sleep when they are upside down.

Level 54: Enter the sum of the three largest numbers, including the numbers on the keypad. 7+8+9 is 24.

Level 55: Set number 3 is $15. This same set was back in question 52, with the same price.

Level 56: To count the apples on the tree, first shake the phone to make all of the apples fall off. Then count all of the apples.

Level 57: To make 6+2=3 true, tap the 3 and rotate it. The top three will rotate, the bottom will not, so turn the 3 into an 8 to make 6+2=8.

Level 58: To lift the elevator, grab the word “elevator” out of the question and lift it upwards.

Level 59: The picture of the clock is not a real clock, it’s merely a picture. So three hours later, the needle in the picture of a clock will still point to 9.

Level 60: To find the bubble that’s the largest, grab a bubble and drag it over all of the other bubbles to make it as large as possible.

Level 61: To make a no parking sign, grab the NO PARKING in the question and move it into the red circle to make the sign.

Level 62: Dong’s hen laid an egg at Ming’s house, but neither Dong or Ming own the egg. The hen owns the egg, so tap “hen” in the question.

Level 63: There are a total of ten triangles inside of the “pentagram”, or star.

Level 64: Cupid fired an arrow at the word “you”. So grab Cupid and drag him to the immediate left of the word “you” in the question.

Level 65: There are zero black spots in the picture. They are all white, but due to an optical illusion, they look black.

Level 66: To count all of the keys in the picture, move the Clear button to find a key, then move the stationary keys to find keys underneath. Then count all of them plus the key next to the hint key counter at the top left area of the screen.

Level 67: The girl doesn’t want to see the dirty world. So take the dollar bill and place it over her eyes so she can’t see it anymore.

Level 68: To have your champagne and celebrate your intelligence, shake the phone until the bottle on the screen pops its top.

Level 69: Neither area A nor area B are darker than the other. The two are the same color. This is an optical illusion.

Level 70: The rain is PH 4, meaning it’s acid rain. Tap the middle cloud to make acid rain fall and eat the boulder away. Then tap the car three times to make it drive to the end.

Level 71: To light up the network regularly, do a Sudoku round with the grid. The circles are in the following order (blank spaces represented by X’s):


Level 72: To correct the direction, turn your phone so that the Right arrow faces right and the Left arrow faces left.

Level 73:The kitten’s right ear is what resembles the puppy’s right ear the most. None of the shapes do.

Level 74: To find the pentagon, all that you have to do is put the triangle on top of the square, and then tap it,. it’s a five pointed piece so it will work.

Level 75: It’s impossible to walk through the maze to the exit. Instead, walk AROUND the maze to the exit. Go around the top or bottom of the outside wall of the maze.

Level 76: Technically, the earth lives the longest out of anything “on” earth, so tap the word earth in the question.

Level 77: There are twenty total 9’s in all 100 numbers between 1 and 100. 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99.

Level 78: To find the heart, drag the two outlines of a long D-shape over each other, and they will merge and turn into a heart.

Level 79: To help Ming, notice that the elephant is flipped over. The elephant is 6, so when flipped over, it becomes 9. That means the answer is 12.

Level 80: To point the arrow to the road, turn the phone so that the arrow points downward, to the real-life road under one’s feet.

Level 81: To quickly click all, tap all of the blue balloons including the one in the question. Then move the red balloon and click the blue balloon behind it.

Level 82: The TV leaks electric current, but it’s still on, so turn it off using the button on the TV, not the scissors.

Level 83: If a piece of paper is 0.01cm thick and is folded five times, it’s still 0.01cm thick, just folded.

Level 84: To help Ming and his “high myopic” eyes drive to the other side of the station, tap the rock with one finger, hold it, then tap the car with the other finger to drive across.

Level 85: To find out the unique sheep, shake the phone and one of the sheep will fall over. This sheep is unique because it gets carsick.

Level 86: Read the question carefully. It says to find the D (capital), but the angle in the triangle is a d (lowercase). Tap the D in the question.

Level 87: To find the water in the bucket, turn the phone or tablet that you’re playing on upside down, and one of the buckets will have water show up in it. Tap the bucket with the water.

Level 88: To put everything in the right place, put the soda bottle in the silhouette, the snail in the snail silhouette, then the yellow cap on top of the soda bottle.

Level 89: The weather is not good today, so use that to your advantage. Drag the white cloud over the black cloud to make a thunderstorm that will destroy the rock.

Level 90: The column is an optical illusion, so it is both a cylinder and a prism, so tap the two answers at the same time with both fingers.

Level 91: To find out which is the daughter, wipe the makeup off of the girl’s face to reveal her as the daughter.

Level 92: Sheepwool doesn’t mostly come from any of those countries. It comes from sheep, so tap sheep in the question.

Level 93: If there are a five dollar bill and a 50 dollar bill on the ground, pick them both up at the same time by tapping on them both at the same time.

Level 94: To keep the balance balanced, take everything off of the scales so that there is no weight on either side of it.

Level 95: To drive to the next stop, pick up the car and carry it over the boulder to the other side of the road.

Level 96: To quickly make the possible become impossible, tap the “im” and drag it out of the word “impossible” to make “possible”.

Level 97: To hide from everyone that you took the ace of hearts, put the phone face down so that nobody sees it.

Level 98: When you hit someone in the head with one of those items, the head hurts the worst. So tap the word head, or tap the head of the key in the upper left corner of the screen.

Level 99: To tap on all six of the colors in a row, ignore the word inside of the color and tap while counting the actual colors.

Level 100: You have to work out the question, 66+34=? – find the number 100, which is the level number, and tap it, as that is the answer.

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