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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – All Answers, Tips, and Solutions (LEVEL 1 TO 50!)


Level 1: The biggest number here is 10, because physically it’s actually the biggest number.

Level 2: The shortest character on this list is the crab, because in real life, a crab is smaller than all of the people on the list.

Level 3: The slowest snail is the snail in the question, because it’s literally not moving.

Level 4: To help grandma cross the street, move the street to the other side of grandma. Then, she will be “across” the street.

Level 5: To click all the items in ascending order, click the Apple, then the Book, then the Cat, as they are in alphabetical order.

Level 6: To make a rectangle, take the square and drag it partially off of the screen, which changes it from a square shape into a rectangle shape.

Level 7: The direction that the finger points to is Left, since it points literally to the word “left”.

Level 8: All of the icons appear to look like food, but one is inedible. Tap on the plate underneath the cookie, as the plate is literally uneatable.

Level 9: The flashlight doesn’t point in any direction, because the flashlight is off, so tap on “all wrong”, as that is your answer.

Level 10: To click on three numbers that add up to ten, keep in mind that you can tap on numbers more than once. Tap 2, 2, 6, or any combination thereof. Then tap the OK button.

Level 11: To find the unique apple, drag apples around with your finger until you find the one with the bite taken out of it. That one is the unique apple.

Level 12: To find the lane that the car should park in, move the car with your finger and you’ll see the number. There is no real pattern to the numbers.

Level 13: There are seven holes in the shorts – the waist, the leg holes, and two holes for each rip in the shorts, one in the front and one in the back.

Level 14: You have to tap the card the number of times that shows up on it. Turn the card upside down to match the orientation of the suit. It’s a 9 of hearts, so tap nine times.

Level 15: There are 12 differences between the two pictures. Overall there are 10 on the crab itself and 2 on the fork.

Level 16: To hide the puppy, simply take your finger and drag the puppy all the way off of the screen.

Level 17: To move past this one, simply tap the like button, then tap “no thanks, next level” to move on.

Level 18: To turn off the stuck computer, move the screen out of the way and tap the red button that’s behind the screen.

Level 19: To count the number of candles on the screen, drag all of the candles out of the way and count the candles that you dragged, plus all of the candles that were behind them.

Level 20: To do the math problem, write down all of the numbers on one line, without adding any extra modifiers. So a 1 next to a 1 on the next line is an 11. The answer is 32.

Level 21: Put the word “piggy bun” out of the question onto the empty plate, so that every plate has a “piggy bun” on it.

Level 22: Simply tap the cards in order from the smallest to the biggest. Note that the one that appears to be 6 is actually 9.

Level 23: To find which one is the farthest from “us”, tap the bottom right icon, which is the farthest from the word “us”.

Level 24: To count the books on the table, look for the table itself. There is no table, therefore there are 0 books on the table.

Level 25: To figure out what time it is, enter the time on your phone or tablet, but enter it in military time. So if it’s 11:00 PM, write 23:00.

Level 25: To figure out what time it is, enter the time off of your phone, but in military time (e.g. 1:49 PM is 1349)

Level 26: To drag the photo into the frame, drag the word “photo” into the frame from the question.

Level 27: Click on all of the even numbers in this level. Infinity doesn’t count as an even number.

Level 28: To find the circle, look at the question itself. None of the circles are in the shape list. The circle is the period in the question.

Level 29: To find the edible food, take the tan-colored diamond and put it under the poop emoji to turn it into an ice cream.

Level 30: To answer who works one day a year, tap on Santa Claus because there is only one Christmas per year.

Level 31: It’s dark, but the sun is still the brightest. The sun is always the brightest even when you can’t see it.

Level 32: “2sinxcosx”/”2ncosx” = take out the “n” and the “cosx” and the “2” from each side. The answer is six.

Level 33: To rate the game, flip over the first piece of paper from the bottom right corner and tap the box next to “FULL MARK” on the paper below it.

Level 34: To put everything in the box, put all four of the icons in the box, then put the question itself in the box.

Level 35: To even things out in the picture, use your finger to swipe over and erase one orange line, then the other orange line.

Level 36: To make the equation 7+1=1 true, use your finger to drag the equation offscreen until it says +1=1.

Level 37: When the No Smoking sign appears, simply use your finger to rub out the end of the cigarette until it goes out.

Level 38: There are four holes in the sock – one in the ankle, one in the heel, one in the middle of the foot, and one large one where the toes are sticking out.

Level 39: The circle is the graphic with the highest number of edges, simply because it has an infinite number of edges, technically speaking.

Level 40: To hide the secret money from your wife, put your finger over the little dollar bill icon, and just hold it there for a few seconds to hide it.

Level 41: To stop the car at the stop sign, simply drag the stop sign until it’s sitting next to the car’s front door.

Level 42: To answer the question “Where is Africa?”, simply tap on the word Africa in the question. The partial Africa on the globe doesn’t count as an answer.

Level 43: To create an earthquake above a magnitude of 5, all that you have to do is shake the phone.

Level 44: To figure out which of the ladies is cross-dressing, use your finger to try to pull off their hair until you find the one whose long hair comes off.

Level 45: If 1=10, then 10=1, regardless of what any of the other numbers in the question say.

Level 46: The safe has no password. Tap on the key in the top left corner of the screen to open it.

Level 47: The king of animals at the zoo is the director. The director controls all that goes on in the zoo.

Level 48: To turn on the light, hold your fingers on either end of the broken red wire to allow electricity to flow through your body to illuminate the light.

Level 49: To solve for the equation W = V, erase the left half of the W to turn it into a V.

Level 50: To transform 2 triangles into 8 triangles, all that you have to do is drag one on top of the other, to turn them into a six-pointed Star of David.

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