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HomePod will be available in mainland China and Hong Kong starting Friday

January 14, 2019
Following HomePod’s launch in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and Spain, Apple announced yesterday that the Siri-powered wireless speaker will be available in mainland China and Hong Kong starting this coming Friday, January 18.
According to the company, the New Artist of the Week program on Apple Music provides new talent with a prominent platform across greater China for their work to be discovered.
Since launching in 2015, Apple Music has featured the debut releases of popular new artists coming from all over Asia, with music spanning a wide variety of genres and languages. New artists from mainland China include Corsak, Chace, Lucie Cheung, Gong, Dean Ting and Lu Xianghui.
Popular playlists include The A-List International Pop, Today’s Hits, Best of the Week, The A-List Mandopop and Mandopop Replay, containing recent Mandopop hits from the past five years.
With AirPlay 2, HomePod supports stereo pairing and multi-room audio which permits you to simultaneously send perfectly synced audio to multiple HomePods, Apple TVs, AirPlay-compatible Smart TVs and other AirPlay speakers. Apple’s mentioned a few AirPlay-supported apps, including QQ Music, DeDao, iHuman Story, Dragonfly FM and Penguin FM in mainland China, as well as Spotify, KKBOX, JOOX and Podcast in Hong Kong.
HomePod features an Apple-designed woofer for deep, clean bass along with an array of seven beam-forming tweeters that provide high frequency acoustics with directional control. Similar to Amazon’s Echo, a built-in array of six microphones ensures HomePod understands you even when it’s playing music at loud volume.
Marketing boss Phil Schiller was quoted as saying:
HomePod is the perfect wireless speaker for music lovers. It delivers an unmatched music listening experience with high-fidelity sound wherever it is placed and creates a new way to discover and interact with music using Siri.
We’re excited to bring HomePod to our customers in mainland China and Hong Kong markets. We can’t wait for them to experience how great it sounds in their home, we think they are going to love it.
HomePod is also a HomeKit hub that appears as an audio source in the Home app on your iOS device or Mac, and as such can be used in your custom automation scenes.
HomePod is available in White and Space Gray. The speaker requires any iOS device from iPhone 5s, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or the sixth-generation iPod touch onward.

How Apple could make the notch less notchy

January 13, 2019
Samsung’s Galaxy A8s arrived with a hole-punch display and the upcoming Galaxy S10 should reduce the chins by putting the camera and the sensor array into a small circular cutout in the display. Apple, meanwhile, is rumored to make the notch on 2019 iPhones a bit smaller.
iMore’s Rene Ritchie has created a great, informed mockup that shows some of the ways Apple could explore to make the notch, well, less notchy, including drilling holes into the display.
“Assuming Apple can’t get all of the TrueDepth modules under the display of this year’s iPhone, what would you prefer in 2019: more notch (right) or switch to holes (left)?”, he asked followers on Twitter (by the way, the current notch design is in the middle).
Assuming Apple can’t get all of TrueDepth under the display this year’s iPhone, what would you prefer in 2019: More “Notch” (right), or switch to “holes” (Spider!) (left)?
View image on Twitter
But make no mistake about it, Samsung is able to get away with a punch-hole display design because it does not do facial recognition based on 3D mapping and infrared light whereas Face ID requires the infrared flood illuminator, the infrared camera and the dot projector.
Samsung’s Galaxy A8s debuted a hole-punch display design
“I saw some of the hole phones at CES and I didn’t mind them but they were also for RGB cameras, not for TrueDepth,” Ritchie wrote in a tweet. “Samsung doesn’t have to account for a TrueDepth camera,” he summed it up nicely.
I meant "make the notch side to side wide": notch or not, still not a full/ entire screen phone
The notch allows for more content to be displayed in a smaller body because you move the status bar up on either side of the notch. I prefer this approach by far!
See Kasper Bødker's other Tweets
Apple is no doubt continuing on a path to a truly fullscreen iPhone and won’t rest until it gets there. According to rumors, the company has decided to get rid of the notch and in doing so would need to find ways to make the required TrueDepth sensors smaller.
According to ETNews, Apple is looking into combining the Face ID sensors and cameras with the standard FaceTime camera into a single, much smaller module.
As for the speaker, it could be moved to the top bezel.
There’s also the question of the ambient light and proximity sensors, both of which are housed inside the iPhone notch (along with TrueDepth and FaceTime cameras, speaker and microphone).
At CES 2019, thankfully, Apple’s supplier AMS announced brand new under-display technology that promises to put those two sensors behind a phone’s OLED display.
David Moon, AMS’s Senior Marketing Manager, said:
Smartphone OEMs today are striving to maximize their products’ screen-to-body ratio, reducing the bezel area as much as possible on the display’s face. The TCS3701 enables designers to take this trend to a new level, potentially eliminating the bezel entirely.
This is only possible because the TCS3701 can operate behind an OLED display, a breakthrough enabled by the outstanding sensitivity of the device and by the implementation of sophisticated measurement algorithms to compensate for the optical distortion caused by the OLED display.
According to Reuters, AMS is the current Apple supplier that builds optical sensors for the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR series.
AMS’s tech should reduce notches a bit, if not help eliminate them entirely.
Of course, not everyone is fond of the current iPhone design.
We may have gotten used to it, but that awkward blind spot cradled by two blobs of actual screen space still looks weird. While I don’t loathe the notch, I’m all for removing it entirely or drastically reducing the amount of screen real estate it’s taking up.
If you were Apple, how would you make the iPhone notch less notchy?

Let us know in the comments down below.

WSJ: 2019’s iPhone XS Max will rock 3 rear cameras, XR’s successor to gain 2 rear cameras

January 13, 2019
The Wall Street Journal on Friday reported that it has learned from people familiar with Apple’s roadmap that the company plans on releasing three new iPhone models in 2019, with a refreshed iPhone XS Max picking up a triple-lens setup out the back and a second-generation iPhone XR gaining two rear cameras instead of one.
The report added that Apple should make a jump to an all-OLED lineup for 2020 models:
The plan to stick with LCD this year comes as Apple grapples with sluggish sales of iPhone XR, which has cut into its most recent revenue projection. That is partly because the planned LCD handset has been in the product pipeline for months and the plan can’t be altered easily.
For 2020, Apple is considering dropping the LCD model, which would mark a complete shift to the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, display for iPhones. The OLED displays on current XS models are considered to provide better contrast than the less expensive LCD displays on the XR and earlier iPhones such as the 7 and 8 models.
Additionally, all iPhones that Apple will release this year could ship without existing 3D Touch hardware in order to reduce components costs, the story alleges.
Apple is also considering trimming functions from its 2019 lineup to cut costs, people familiar with the matter said. That includes the force-touch module, which makes the display sensitive to fingertip pressure, the people said, though the function could live on in other components, one of the people said.
Keep in mind that the report does not imply that 3D Touch is going away completely. Theoretically, Apple could mimic that feature in software (like iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch) or use a differently designed 3D Touch module to achieve the same functionality.
The biggest improvement will be in the camera department, per the report:
  • 2019 iPhone XS: OLED-based display, two rear cameras
  • 2019 iPhone XS Max: OLED-based display, three rear cameras
  • 2019 iPhone XR: LCD-based display, two rear cameras
“In a sign of Apple’s awareness of the competitiveness of Chinese rivals, the company has been studying some Chinese smartphone brands, especially camera features,” reads the report.
The third lens could be used for improved low-light photography and, crucially, better optical zoom beyond the current 2x telephoto lens (which we expect to be present on 2019 models, too, because it’s used for shooting portraits). The third lens may even be a part of Apple’s rumored time-of-flight solution to improve depth sensing and augmented reality (notably, revered analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the technology will actually make it into 2020 iPhones).
Alternatively, this could be a super wide-angle lens to allow for different perspectives.
Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, who runs OnLeaks on Twitter, has collaborated with Indian tech site Digit on a batch of renderings allegedly representing 2019’s iPhone XS Max.
“We have gotten our hands on a very early look at the 2019 iPhone model thanks to a partnership with OnLeaks,” Digit noted. “This is in fact the very first look at what Apple is up to and by the looks of it, the next flagship iPhone will have three cameras on the back.” As you can see for yourself on the images top of post and right below, the three rear lenses along with LED flash and a microphone should be housed in a square unit with a rather large bump.
Another tipster who goes by the handle @IceUniverse has confirmed that these renders are accurate. However, the Digit post cautions that this is just an early look at the upcoming iPhone XS Max model for 2019 which could easily undergo some more changes in the design.
Even Hemmerstoffer himself, who has a long track record of leaking reliable information from Apple’s vast supply chain, has acknowledged on Twitter that this is a “freakingly early leak”. Indeed, 2019 iPhones are still in Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, meaning Apple can probably make some last-minute changes before the design is completely locked.
We already saw Android phones with three-lens rear camera setups from the likes of LG and Huawei (Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro). Furthermore, HMD Global’s upcoming Android One-powered 6-inch Nokia 9 PureView should have a five-camera setup with Zeiss lens, according to MySmartPrice and leaker Evan Blass.
Nokia’s five-lens camera system would capture five images simultaneously and combine them into a single photograph sporting 10x more light with great texture and detail.
Here’s a video showing an alleged unit in action.
As if that weren’t enough, one of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 models, probably a flagship unit, is thought to come outfitted with four cameras out the back along with a dual-lens selfie camera out the front. Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy A9 debuted with four rear cameras.
As you know, Apple typically tests multiple iPhone designs.
For all we know, the renderings of the upcoming iPhone XS Max revision could depict one of the earlier prototypes because I don’t think Apple would dare releasing a phone with such an obnoxious camera hump.
What do you think?

List of FIFA 19 Packs

January 10, 2019
All the FIFA 19 packs in a single table
In order to make it easier to compare packs, check out the following table, where you can also see which other packs may be included in the game:
RBronze Pack400✔️✔️✔️1202101
RPremium Bronze Pack750✔️✔️✔️1202103
RSilver Pack2 50050✔️✔️❌1201111
RPremium Silver Pack3 75075✔️✔️❌1201113
RGold Pack5 000100✔️✔️❌1210201
RPremium Gold Pack7 500150✔️✔️❌1210203
PGold Contracts Pack800❌✔️❌410500
PJumbo Bronze Pack800✔️✔️❌2404203
PBronze Players Pack1 250✔️❌❌1202101
PJumbo Premium Bronze Pack1 50075✔️✔️❌2404207
PPrem. Bronze Players Pack1 800✔️❌❌1202103
PConsumables Pack3 00050❌✔️❌128311
PJumbo Silver Pack4 000100✔️✔️❌2402043
PGold 13 Pack5 000100✔️✔️❌1311201
PSilver Players Pack5 000100✔️❌❌1201111
PPrem. Silver Players Pack7 000150✔️❌❌1201113
PPremium 13 Gold Pack7 500150✔️✔️❌1311203
PJumbo Premium Silver Pack7 500150✔️✔️❌2402047
PLeague Premium Gold Pack10 000200✔️✔️❌1210203
PJumbo Gold Pack10 000200✔️✔️❌2420403
PGold Players Pack12 500250✔️❌❌1210201
PPremium Electrum Players Pack12 500250✔️❌❌126603
PSilver Upgrade Pack15 00050✔️❌❌1201020
PJumbo Premium Gold Pack15 000300✔️✔️❌2420407
PRare Consumables Pack20 000400❌✔️❌12120012
PPrime Electrum Players Pack20 000400✔️❌❌126606
PRare Silver Players Pack✔️❌❌12011112
PPremium Gold Players Pack25 000350✔️❌❌1210203
PRare Gold Pack25 000500✔️✔️✔️12120012
PGold Upgrade Pack30 00075✔️❌❌1210200
PLeague Premium Players Pack30 000400✔️❌❌1210203
PRare Electrum Players Pack30 000600✔️❌❌1266012
PMega Pack35 000700✔️✔️❌30264018
PPrime Gold Players Pack45 000600✔️❌❌1210206
PJumbo Premium Gold Players Pack50 000700✔️❌❌2420407
PRare Players Pack50 0001k✔️❌❌12120012
PPrime Gold Defenders Pack55 000750✔️❌❌1210206
PPrime Gold Midfielders Pack55 000750✔️❌❌1210206
PPrime Gold Forwards Pack55 000750✔️❌❌1210206
PLeague Prime Players Pack55 000750✔️❌❌1210206
PRare Mega Pack55 0001.1k✔️✔️❌30264030
PRare Gold Defenders Pack62 5001.25k✔️❌❌12120012
PRare Gold Midfielders Pack62 5001.25k✔️❌❌12120012
PRare Gold Forwards Pack62 5001.25k✔️❌❌12120012
PJumbo Rare Players Pack100k2k✔️❌❌24240024
PUltimate Pack125k2.5k✔️❌❌30300030
FStarting PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️3433290
FAll Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌124441
FBronze Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️40040
FSilver Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️40400
FGold Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44000
FBronze Contracts PackFreeFree❌✔️❌40040
FSilver Contracts PackFreeFree❌✔️❌40400
FSmall Bronze Players PackFree✔️❌❌60151
FSmall Prime Bronze Players PackFree✔️❌❌60153
FSmall Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌62221
FSmall Silver Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌60511
FPrime Bronze Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌1202106
FSmall Electrum Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌63301
FSmall Rare Bronze Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌60156
FMixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌124441
FSmall Gold Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌65101
FRare Bronze Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌12021012
FPremium Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌124443
FSmall Prime Silver Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌60513
FSmall Prime Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌62223
FSmall Prime Electrum Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌63303
FSmall Rare Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌62226
FSmall Rare Silver Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌60516
FPrime Silver Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌1201116
FSmall Prime Gold Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌65103
FRare Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌1244412
FSmall Rare Electrum Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌63306
FSmall Rare Gold Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌65106
FJumbo Premium Gold 26 PackFreeFree✔️✔️❌2622407
FElectrum Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌126601
FPrime Mixed Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌124446
FLoan Player Reward PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44001
FPremium Loan Player PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44001
FUltimate Loan Player PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44004
FTwo Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11001
FTwo Rare Gold Players PackFreeFree✔️❌❌22002
FTwo Rare Gold Players Plus PackFreeFree✔️❌❌22002
FUCL Common Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11000
FTwo UCL Common Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌22000
FUCL Rare Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11001
F81+ UCL Rare Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11001
FUCL Two Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌22001
FUCL Three Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌33001
FTOTW Player PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11001
FPremium TOTW PackFreeFree✔️❌❌33003
FPremium TOTS PackFreeFree✔️❌❌22002
FUltimate TOTW PackFreeFree✔️❌❌11110011
FUltimate TOTS PackFreeFree✔️❌❌66006
FDraft Token PackFreeFree❌✔️✔️55001
FCoins PackFreeFree
FPremium Coins PackFreeFree
FMystery PackFreeFree

(1) Slight differences may occur