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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – All Answers, Tips, and Solutions (LEVEL 101 TO 150!)


Level 101: Rotate your device downward to see the watermarks on the money. It shows 520.

Level 102: You don’t have to choose between saving the wife and the mom. Tap and pull both of them at once to save them both.

Level 103: The correct order for picking the fruit from small to large is cherry, then apple, then watermelon. Don’t tap carrot, because it isn’t a fruit.

Level 104: The word between true and false is the word “and” in the question.

Level 105: The second pool is the one that will fill first. There is a wall separating the pipe between two and three.

Level 106: To figure out how much money was actually hidden by the thief, move the OK button to the side and you’ll find more money underneath. The total is 25.

Level 107: To help the beauty model take a picture of her long legs, grab her feet and stretch them downward to stretch her legs out all the way.

Level 108: The color White shows the most in the picture, because it surrounds the entire grid of colorful squares that contains every other color.

Level 109: To win the tic tac toe game against Ming, tap on the middle and bottom squares at the same time with two fingers.

Level 110: The highest mountain in the world before Mount Qomolangma was discovered was still Mount Qomolangma, being that it was still there even before it was discovered, so tap the Mount Qomolangma in the question. (For our western readers, Mount Qomolangma is the Tibetan name for the mountain we know as Mount Everest)

Level 111: Given the blocks, the next number in the pattern is 9.

Level 112: To wipe both of their mouths off with a piece of paper after dinner, grab the paper towel on the table with two fingers, then rip it into two pieces.

Level 113: If you can only move one match out of the number 508, then the highest number that you can make is 909.

Level 114: If you can move two matches out of the number 508, then think about the ability to split one number into two numbers. or to add numbers at the beginning and end. The highest number in this case is 51181.

Level 115: There are zero curves on the graph. The graph is entirely an optical illusion; all of the lines go straight up and down.

Level 116: The perimeter of the shape given in this question is 48.

Level 117: To find the regularity, look at how many numbers with holes there are. 6663 has three holes, and 8888 has 8 holes. So the given number, 6868, has six holes.

Level 118: To celebrate your second birthday, tap any two candles on the cake at the same time in order to light them.

Level 119: To throw the ball into the basket, tap on the base of the basketball hoop until it breaks and falls down. Then tap the shooter to shoot a rolling basket.

Level 120: To answer “who do you think is the most handsome one”, tap the “you” in the question.

Level 121: The TV is turned off, so to turn it back on, first move the laptop out of the way. Then move the tablet out of the way, and then move the phone, and then move the whole table to find the remote.

Level 122: To help Gump get free from the 1,000KG hill, take the 000 out of the number and it becomes a nice, light, 1KG hill.

Level 123: Because of the earthquake, you can split the ground apart with your fingers and make the boulder fall through. Then tap the car to make it drive across.

Level 124: To help Gump find his seventh floor home, take the small gray house and put it on the small gray skyscraper. It becomes a penthouse, which is where Gump lives.

Level 125: to figure out which parking spot is next in the sequence, turn the phone upside down and then look at the numbers. The next one in the sequence is 67.

Level 126: To light up the candle, put the magnifying glass on top of the match so that the sun lights it, then move the match onto the candle to light the candle.

Level 127: There is only one difference between the first picture and the second picture. Tap the number 1 in the first picture to pass the level.

Level 128: To help the pretty girl avoid anyone having to see her change, flip the phone or tablet over that you’re playing on in order to hide the screen from everyone.

Level 129: To figure out why Jack and the girl fell in love, use your finger to erase the top half of every number, letter, and symbol in the equation. It turns into ILOVEYOU

Level 130: To make it so that the girl is no longer alone, long-press on the girl and the copy button will come up. Tap on the copy button and a second girl will appear, so the first one will no longer be alone and bored.

Level 131: If yesterday were tomorrow, than today would be Friday, so according to the fact that “tomorrow” is Thursday, that makes “today” Wednesday according to the puzzle.

Level 132: To pop the balloon from right to left, simply flip the phone over so that the dart is on the right and the balloon is on the left, then throw the dart at the balloon to pop it.

Level 133: To make the equation 6-5=31 true, tap on the 3 and then erase it with your finger to turn it into 6-5=1.

Level 134: To turn off the solar bulb, you need to depower the solar panel. To take power away from the solar panel, flip your phone screen down.

Level 135: To get the car to the other side, tap the car to make it go, then before the car hits the boulder, swipe left on the car to make it change direction and drive off one side of the screen, onto the other.

Level 136: There are 10 candles, and the question asks how many are left. Even though 3 candles are out, there are still a total of 10 candles left.

Level 137: To get the largest possible value, drag the two 0’s into the answer box linked together to make an infinity symbol.

Level 138: there are a total of four quadrangles in this question, including the one with the number inside of it.

Level 139: Gump wants to drink the milk at the bottom of the glass. Tap the milk at the bottom of the glass and drag it over his mouth to make him drink it.

Level 140: To click on the food below, tap on the crawdad and the gourd at the same time. Crystals aren’t food.

Level 141: To find the check, grab the envelope with one finger, then turn the phone to the right while holding the envelope, and the check will fall out of it.

Level 142: An Apple is worth 10. Each banana in the bunch is worth 3. Each grape is worth 1. The last question is four bananas and nine grapes, which is worth 21.

Level 143: to find the real bird, shake the phone until one of the birds floors away. That one is the real bird.

Level 144: to help him propose, move the ring on the order onto the top of the diamond ring.

Level 145: To make the number larger than 3 but smaller than four, drag the top chopstickDown to make a pi.

Level 146: to let the beauty chase you back, take her bag and give it to the boy. Then she will chase after him.

Level 147: it takes 4 minutes to boil either one egg or three eggs. Just boil the eggs together.

Level 148: To click the numbers in order, simply memorize the order of the numbers because it changes every time. Write the number order down if you need to.

Level 149: Tap on the word oxygen in the title. People breathes in oxygen long before they actually discovered it.

Level 150: To figure out which building is a shoddy project, shake the phone and the one that is poorly constructed will fall down. Tap the one that falls down.

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