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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – All Answers, Tips, and Solutions (LEVEL 151 TO 200!)


Level 151: To answer “turn two rectangles into three rectangles”, switch around the 2 and the 3 in the title to make “turn 3 rectangles into 2 rectangles”. You have to play with the positioning a bit to get the game to recognize it.

Level 152: To drive the naughty kid away, move the kid with the glasses over next to the other kid, and he will kick him off of the screen.

Level 153: To figure out which book is thinner, turn the bottom-right corners of the Dictionary and World History books upward by swiping up on them, and you will see their thicknesses.

Level 154: To help Wong get first place, grab his name out of the question mark and put it on the first-place podium.

Level 155: To turn the men’s toilet into the women’s toilet, grab the two left and right squares directly over his legs and move them outward by one.

Level 156: To help the lady lose weight, give her a balloon, which, since it’s filled with helium, has negative weight and will take some of the weight off of her.

Level 157: To figure out which cup is soy sauce and which of the cups are Coke, shake the phone to make the Coke cups fizz up.

Level 158: To release the piece of paper, tap and swipe on the paper clip to open it and let the paper out of it.

Level 159: To click on the box on the right, move the stack of three boxes to the left and another box will appear from the right side of the screen. Then tap on that one.

Level 160: To solve for the equation 8 + _ = 0, grab the top half of the 8 and remove it, then place it in the second digit to make 0 + 0 = 0.

Level 161: To find the cat among the owls, look for the one that doesn’t have a beak. It’s toward the lower left corner of the picture.

Level 162: If you take 3 candles out of 5 candles, then you have 3 candles, because you took those three candles out.

Level 163: To hold down the screen for 3 seconds, instead of holding the phone for 3 seconds, hold your finger down on the word “screen” for three seconds.

Level 164: When I was 5, my other was twice my age, or 10 years old. So when I’m 10, my brother will be 15.

Level 165: To count the black dots again, ignore the optical illusion and count the period in the question. There is one black dot on the screen.

Level 166: All of the other equations are wrong, so ignore them and solve only the unknown one. 3+4=7.

Level 167: To figure out the price of the fish, subtract 55 (the price difference between the fish and crab) from 111 (the total price). The answer is 56. Divide that in half and the fish is 28.

Level 168: To find the photo of Jack and Gump, swipe right, then plug in the printer. Then tap the green button on the printer to print out their photo.

Level 169: To figure out what you would do if you won the lottery, tap on the screen with all three fingers at the same time to pick all of the choices.

Level 170: If the rear wheel turns 10 rounds, then the front wheel turns 0, because the bike is rear-wheel drive.

Level 171: If 5 hens lay 5 eggs in 5 days, then 5 hens would lay 100 eggs in 100 days (same amount of eggs per day).

Level 172: If 13 people play hide and seek and 10 are found, then two are left, because one of them is the seeker and not a hider.

Level 173: To drive to the opposite stop, use two fingers to tilt the road downward, then when the boulder rolls away, tap on the car to make it drive.

Level 174: Tap on the card the number of times that the game tells you to. Ignore what the counter says; it counts 8 twice.

Level 175: To find out the heart, tap the red button on the lamp to turn it on, and the heart will appear.

Level 176: To figure out the value of X, take 22KG, which is the value of two cats, two crabs, and two snails, and divide it in half. One crab, one snail, and one cat, is 11KG. So snails are weightless.

Level 177: To beat Ming in Tic Tac Toe again, take the O from the question and place it in the middle square. Then tap the bottom square.

Level 178: To figure out who’s smarter, turn the phone upside down. The blonde kid’s equation will become correct, when it’s turned upside down.

Level 179: To get Gump down to the first floor, turn the phone upside down, so the elevator button becomes a down button, then tap it.

Level 180: To “hit the bowling ball” (but really, to hit the bowling PIN), stretch the pin with two fingers to make it large, then tap the bowling ball.

Level 181: To break the golden egg, grab the hammer out from behind the bush on the right side of the screen, then tap all three of the eggs with it.

Level 182: If the snail exceeds third place in the race, then the snail will then be in third place, since it took over that spot from the other racer.

Level 183: There were three ladies with two daughters. One of the ladies is the grandma, the other two ladies are both her daughters and the moms of the other two. So 7 chairs are needed.

Level 184: If a gun is fired once in a minute, then 11 guns are fired in ten minutes, because one gun was fired right at the start of the countdown.

Level 185: Click all six of the colors in order, without paying attention to what word is on top of the colors.

Level 186: There are four total faces in the process, because the blacked-out screen shows you your own reflection, which is the fourth face.

Level 187: There are five PEOPLE ahead and two behind the snail, making the snail the only one of its kind, so there is only one snail in the line.

Level 188: To click on the largest rectangle to pass, tap on the background rectangle, not any of the three foreground ones.

Level 189: To find the hidden stars, shake the phone and all of the kids will get dizzy, and stars will fly around their heads.

Level 190: To drag numbers to get the largest value, drag the OO next to each other to make an infinity symbol.

Level 191: In question 189, there were 11 stars above the heads of the kids. You can always hit the back button, go to question 189, and then count them.

Level 192: The answer is Boy + Boy = Gay

Level 193: Jack has no money and Gump has 99 cents, making the soda 1 dollar.

Level 194: To align all, take all of the leaves and align them all vertically with the leaf in the question.

Level 195: To make it so that the water isn’t too hot for Gump to drink, drag the cold water over the warm water to cool it off.

Level 196: To drive the car to the opposite side, tap the car to make it drive, and then swipe up on it to make it jump over the boulder.

Level 197: To get the smallest value, drag the period down from the question to the decimal point after the first digit position. Then make 1.23 as the number.

Level 198: To find the heart again, drag the two swans right next to each other, so that their heads and necks make a heart now.

Level 199: To figure out the Pictionary answer, look at the picture and copy the numbers. It’s 2784

Level 200: To take a break, put the phone down on its back to beat the level.