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Mario Kart Tour: High Score Guide – How to five-star every track and rank #1

Mario Kart Tour is the long awaited mobile edition of Mario Kart, and it comes loaded with racers and tracks. Instead of having to get first place in every race, you have to score enough points to get five stars on every race.
Additionally, with the ranking system, you now compete against racers from all over the world. Big prizes are on the line, including coins, rubies, and bragging rights to whoever wins first place.
Read on for tips on how to achieve the highest scores in Mario Kart Tour!
The one way to ensure that you have a chance to get the highest possible score in a race is to use a racer who favors the particular track. When a racer races on their preferred track, they will be able to hold three items at a time.
Not only does this help because you will be able to use more items individually when you want to, it helps because you will be able to use a frenzy move. A frenzy move happens when you get three of the same item at the same time.
All of the items and all of the frenzy moves will earn you points when you use them, but for the most part, you only get points when the item hits an enemy. The exceptions are items like the coin, mushrooms, and stars, which don’t necessarily have a target that they have to hit.
With that in mind, the frenzy that will earn you the most points is the three coin frenzy. This will allow you to be able to tap the screen over and over to earn coins, and every coin that you earn, earns you points.
Outside of frenzy moves, you can also earn more points by using racers, karts, and gliders with a higher points score. A few factors affect these, including rarity, but simply participating in more races earns experience points for the karts, racers, and gliders that you use in the race. The more you use them, the more they level up, and thus the higher the point totals go.
You also get points for all of the turbo boosts that you get, so enable the manual drift mode to maximize your possible points for every race. Each time that you get the turbo boost during drift mode, you get bonus points, so do as many mini turbo boosts as possible to get as many points as possible.
Be sure to interact with all of the stage elements that you see on each track. Pick up as many coins as possible, since each one is with points. Take all of the jumps that you find, because jump boosts are worth points.
Try to finish both laps of the race in first place. At the end of a lap, you will get points depending on what place you’re in. If you finish both laps in first place each time, you will earn the highest possible amount of points.