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Hunter Assassin: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Hunter Assassin is a new iOS and Android game by Assassin Games where you, the assassin, chase other hunters and assassins around a level, sneak up on them, and frag them. You’ve got to shoot them without getting shot yourself, so speed and stealth are the names of the games here.
You can get gems and unlock new assassins, cruise through a nearly limitless number of levels, and earn all sorts of bonuses along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hunter Assassin!
There are a ton of levels that you can cruise through, each one with more twists and turns and often more assassins than the last. You’ll have two to knock off at first. Then the levels will increase in size, and there will be three rivals. Then they’ll grow again and there will be four rivals, and so on and so forth.
One interesting aspect, though, is that you don’t lose after being shot once. You have to be shot around ten times in order to lose. So you can take a bit more risk of one or two shots in order to go after whoever you’re targeting on each level.
If you do get shot, though, then watch out, because enemies will go into a semi-permanent running phase, making it that much tougher for you to escape after being shot again. Normally when you’re spotted, they’ll chase you until you get far enough away, then give up, but they won’t give up if one of them shoots you.
You’ll get fifteen diamonds for every assassin that you knock off. Once you pass the 10th level, 20th level, 30th level, or any level that’s a multiple of 10, you’ll be able to play a bonus level where you have to knock off 30 diamond assassins that don’t shoot at you. These are worth 10 gems apiece for a total of 300 gems per level.
Another way to earn free gems is to go to the new assassin menu and tap on the video button. As long as you have an internet connection, an advertisement will play. Once that ad finishes, you’ll get 275 free gems. That’s 275 gems for just 30 seconds of time spent, which can quickly earn you the gems that you need for new assassins.
The main benefit to getting new assassins is that each one has stat increases, not just looks increases. For example, some have higher health points, while some are faster, allowing you to stalk and shoot enemies easier, or to avoid the shots that they take at you.
You can get that assassin upgrade by doing a spin for a random one once you have enough gems to do so. It costs a LOT to get the upgrade – it costs 1,000 for the first new assassin, then it costs 5,000 gems for the second new assassin that you get, and from that point on, it continues to cost more and more and more.
However, there is no need for you to spend all of those gems if all that you want to do is play the game. You can beat any level in the game with the original assassin. The new upgraded assassins make it easier to beat each level, but the levels are not impossible to beat with the original assassin.