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Puzzle Page Crossword September 30 2019 Answers (All in one page)

1. Small weak animal: RUNT
2. Select: CHOOSE
3. Fittingly, appropriately: APTLY
4. Copied, mimicked: APED
5. Whipped fiercely: LASHED
6. Exclamation of pain: OUCH
7. Tall willow bearing catkins: POPLAR
8. Saunter: STROLL
9. Creator of Willie Wonka: DAHL
10. Convent: ABBEY
11. Complain about: BEMOAN
12. Play a hand of them: CARDS
13. It transports blood from heart: ARTERY
14. Tobacco to be inhaled: SNUFF
15. In the middle of: AMID
16. Podium for lectern: DAIS
17. Local to an area: NATIVE
18. Wide, enormous: VAST
19. List of charges: TARIFF
20. Impetuous, reckless: RASH