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  1. Walk straight and pick up the first note.
  2. Open chest on the left to get rope.
  3. Continue straight then move the leaves to reveal a clue on the rock. Remember the pattern sequence.
  4. Go down the left path.
  5. Pull up the four golden handles until the four symbols matches the clue on rock.
  6. Take the golden piece.
  7. Walk back to the stone with clue and choose the right path this time.
  8. Continue going right then take note of clue on another rock.
  9. Use the golden piece to unlock door.
  10. Go inside and copy the pattern you saw outside to the puzzle board.
  11. Head further in and take note of the left and right board patterns.
  12. Copy the pattern to middle board. Top one is for circle, bottom for triangle.
  13. Use the rope to climb down.
  14. Pick up the portal key and take note of the pattern.
  15. Break barrel to get second note.
  16. Now head back out of the house until you reach the fork of road and go down the left path again.
  17. Move the four columns again. This time follow the height shown on the piece with pattern.
  18. Get the third note.
  19. Go back to the fork of road. Choose right path followed by left to reach portal.
  20. Activate portal with the portal key.
  21. Go through to complete level 3.