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What’s that mystery chip in your iPhone X?

Your iPhone X has a “mystery chip” under its hood, according to repair experts at iFixit.
“There’s a mysterious chip down between the Taptic Engine and lower speaker,” iFixit said. The mystery chip is called out with a green box on the X-Ray image shown below. Could this be dedicated circuitry that communicates with a built-in inductive wireless charging coil?
X-ray image courtesy of Creative Electron
I though it could be a display driver chip, but it’s attached to the lower speaker and Tech Insights has already discovered that STMicro has won the OLED Display Driver socket.
After taking a peek under the shields on the back of the display, Tech Insights has been able to identify the mystery chip as a Broadcom touch screen controller, labeled BCM15951B0KUB2G.
Mystery solved!