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How to Overcome your Fear of Social Situations

1. Force yourself to go out at least once or twice a week. To help you cope with your anxiety, ask a friend to do something with you, or go to an event where you know a few people. The idea is to gradually stretch yourself so that, eventually, you’ll be able to go to new things, and not feel terrified of meeting people you’ve never met before.

2. Pay attention to your appearance. When we feel good (or at least comfortable) with the way we look, we feel less anxious and more confident.

3. Find out what other people are talking about (such as baseball, hockey, popular films and TV shows) and read up on them. For example, you could google for the latest scores, headlines news and gossip on the stars.

4. When you are at social events watch to see how other people behave. You can learn a lot from closely observing, listening to, and then copying others.

5. Think about working with a counselor to address the underlying fears that are behind your social anxiety.