About Me

I'll remember you forever.

I don't want to forget.
I'm starting to forget. 
Your face, your voice, your figure. 
The way all those things made me feel 
is starting to become a blurry memory in the back of my head. 
I thought I was ready to say goodbye. 
Right now I can promise you I'm not. 
You came in my life, like a beautiful midnight breeze, 
the moment I needed it the most, the exact moment I started to 
stop believing in anything beautiful, 
the moment I started losing interest in life the way I knew it.
I would change so many things. 
If I could go back in time, I'd change everything. 
I would... 
But I can't. 
Life happens the way it has to. 
I fell in love with a ghost. 
I knew it from the beginning. 
You brought out something in me I never knew I possessed. 
A love for life, unlike anything I've ever experienced.
I'll look for you in every crowd. 
Even though I know you won't be there. 
You see, ghosts don't exist amongst men. 
But other men don't make me feel the way you do. 
Even from afar. 
Even with the uncertainty that surrounds your being. 
Even from a distance.
I swear, I'll remember you forever.