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101 ideas for simple self care

Hello! How are you? I hope you are feeling good today! Well, how I am someone who loves doing lists I'm going to do 101 things for a simple self care, because. yes, you need to take care of yourself to be a happy and healthy person.

Remember how important it is to look after yourself.
Remind yourself how important you are.
Take a moment to let go of past mistakes.
Set yourself an attainable challenge for the next day.
Do something new: visit a new place, go a different route to work, anything.
Get yourself a massage.
Jump on your sofa’s and pretend the floor is lava.
Run outside when it’s raining.
Re-purpose some old clothes into something new.
Climb a tree (if you can and it’s safe).
Find some daisies and make daisy chains.
Find shapes in the clouds.
Clean your windows to let the sunlight in.
Bake a loaf of bread.
Draw a silly picture.
Hold hands with a loved one.
Buy some new extra comfy slippers.
Run up and down the stairs 10 times to get your heart pumping.
Pull funny faces at yourself in the mirror.
Make a face mask and put it on.
Paint your toenails.
Rearrange your furniture.
Leave the house for a spontaneous adventure.
Go browsing in a book shop.
Sell some items online.
Make some alcohol free cocktails to have at lunch time.
Drink a warm beverage.
Give yourself a pep talk.
Do some deep breathing exercises.
Clear out the old clothes from your wardrobe.
Get a haircut.
Take a dog for a walk.
Create a space of peace at home.
Tell someone you love them.
Make a gift for a friend.
Lay on the floor with your legs in the air.
Bundle up in your duvet and scoot down the stairs.
Create a new Pinterest board dedicated to self improvement.
Put a pin in a map for all the places you would like to visit.
Have a pamper day.
Do some gentle exercise.
Buy yourself some flowers.
Write a list of the things you are grateful for.
Be mindful of what you’re feeling this precise moment.
Pop some bubble wrap.
Colour in a colouring book.
Have a spare change piggy bank or “fun fund”.
Write yourself a budget.
Write a list of your favourite things about yourself.
Take regular breaks from your work.
Put your feet up for an evening.
Buy yourself a treat.
Create a relaxing music playlist.
Have a lay in at the weekend.
Start an evening course.
Create something.
Have a candlelit dinner.
Take pictures of beautiful things.
Look through old photographs.
Throw away old things you no longer need.
Organise your work space.
Visit a forest.
Turn your phone off for a few hours.
Close your eyes for 5 minutes.
Have a pyjama day.
Get dressed up for no reason, just because.
Wear your favourite perfume.
Plant some flowers.
Do some painting.
Put your PJ’s in the tumbledryer for just a couple of minutes before putting them on.
Change your bedsheets before bedtime.
Do some baking.
Declutter your house.
Find a hobby you love and make time for it.
Cook your favourite meal.
Burn a nice smelling candle or incense stick.
Have a nap.
Spend time around animals.
Have a no screen night
Keep a journal.
Don’t feel bad for saying no.
Go on day trips to somewhere beautiful.
Go star gazing.
Enjoy the sunshine on your skin.
Visit your local park.
Go to your favourite coffee shop for a drink.
Visit an art gallery.
Watch a funny video on youtube.
Watch your favourite film.
Listen to your favourite song.
Speak to the people you love who support you.
Have a bubble bath.
Make sure you get a full night’s sleep.
Have some time alone.
Go to the beach.
Pick some affirmations, and believe them.
Practice yoga regularly.
Pick a “guilty pleasure” and indulge occasionally.
Drink plenty of water.
Eat lots of fruit and veggies.