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Mario Kart Tour cheats, tips - Tips the game doesn't tell you

Blooper wipe

When you get hit by a blooper and ink is blocking your view, the normal way to rid yourself of it is to just drive forward, and hit a boost if you can so the air flow can clean your vision.
But in Mario Kart Tour, you can now simply wipe the screen with your finger. Yep, just clean your vision with your finger. Like the opposite of cleaning your glasses.
Though, if you're using touch controls to steer or drift, this can lead you off course… Best to weigh up your options at your own description.

Slipstream boost

This is a classic Mario Kart technique that has been in the series for a few entries now, and it makes a return in Mario Kart Tour.
If you follow closely behind another racer for several seconds, you'll actually get a considerable speed boost which should easily put you ahead of them.
You'll know you're in the right position because the air will be visualised around your car with slipstream effects. Once you're in it for several seconds, the boost will kick in automatically.


This is a brand new mechanic for Mario Kart Tour, and it's there to ensure you never waste an item, but can be turned off.
If you run into an item box while still holding items, they will automatically be used upon contact so you have completely fresh slots.
This can be turned if off if you're the type who holds on to important items, and of course, you could always just use items before hitting item boxes, if you want a similar effect.
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