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Puzzle solutions for Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Puzzle 10-11 solution

Blue statue
1. Pour water on fire to reveal blue diamond.
2. Jump potion to get Ruby near mausoleum.
3. Build the green statue beside boulder. You'll need a chief to draw plans for this statue!
4. Craft blue glass and bring to statue.

Yellow statue
1. Get 3 necklace piece from daily quest or cracks.
2. Pan for gold and bring to anvil.
3. Upgrade construction skills and draw some plans.
4. Craft yellow glass.

Red statue-
1. Make soup.
2. Build clothing hut, after tech upgrade crate of braid will appear, then flower will pollinate, bring them to tree.
3. Need 1 child and adult to capture crab - crab will fix slippery rock.
4. Craft red glass.