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Cheat Sheet: How to Make Pie on Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Steps on How to Make Pie

  • Upgrade Farming twice to get garden
  • Get kids to dig holes in garden
  • Plant seeds from seed bag & apple tree seed by crafting hut
  • Use fertilizer(mixed herbs+water) on garden 3 times
  • Gather resources from garden & apple tree
  • Make dough(flour+water)
  • Upgrade crafting if unable to make dough
  • Put villager on crafting hut & rhubarb, dough and apple should be options.
  • Click on them
  • Prepare oven by putting a villager on rock pile by fire pit & they'll heat up a rock for oven
  • Put villager on round table that should have the ingredients on it
They should then make the pie!