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This App Tells You When McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Down

credit: McDonald's
People can't get enough McDonald's ice cream, mainly because the machines are always broken, so they literally can't ever get any. McDonald's ice cream machines are so frequently down, Mickey D fans have taken to the internet to complain.
Seriously, a simple search of McDonald's ice cream complaints will take you to countless reports of broken machines and sheer disappointment. Because is there anything worse than craving a McFlurry or a cone, pulling through the drive-thru, only to find out the machine is down?
Yes, there are plenty or worse things, but that doesn't mean this particular thing doesn't suck.

I just started crying in a mcdonalds drive thru because their ice cream machine was broken how’s ur day going

hello, i just drove to 3 different mcdonalds and none of their ice cream machine worked. i need my gas money back @McDonalds

Can someone make an app that tells you if McDonald's ice cream machine is running or not? It would same me a lot of time.
Well, someone actually created an app to help solve this epidemic (not the epidemic of the broken machines though, that's on McDonald's). Writer Raina McLeod invented Ice Check, an app that lets you to search for your local McDonald's to confirm that their ice cream machine is working before you head over.

woc send me stories/fundraisers/events to signal boost rn plz
Until McLeod can get McDonald's franchise owners on board, the app relies on crowdsourcing. Meaning, when someone finds a broken machine, they can instantly update the status of their local spot on the app. That way, the hopes and dreams of other local McSundae fans won't be shattered. Not all heroes wear capes.
You can download the app here.