About Me

Who do you really need?

I thought about a "getting to know me" kind of thing, but I realized I don't really want to. If you want me to write something like this send me a tweet or DM. But now to what I was to tell you about. Maybe it'll help you. Maybe not.  
Who do you need? Who do we need? That's the question that has kept me busy the past few moths. It's clear that we need our families. It doesn't matter if we fight with them and shout at them sometimes. Where there is family, there is love. Who do you need? People who support you, who love you. Who trust you and who you trust. Friends. 
Colleagues? No. In my opinion they are not really your friends. They are the people who you work with, and that's that! Keeping your distance by not involving them in your private life may even be a very good idea. 
Who do you really need, I asked, well. I don´t know. In my state of mind its the one you really love. The one who supports you, who stands by you everyday of your life, may it be good, may it be rough. The one you can talk about everything, whose opinion sometimes hurts but heals too. You really need someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Someone who has your heart fully. I'm glad to say I have found this someone.
Of course your family. After all they are your net if you fall down. Your anchor, your safe haven. They may be strange, they may be strict, or embarrassing, or maybe too old fashioned to you. But they raised you, they loved you every day. Your family is important.
Maybe it will help you get trough the day, trough to yourself. Or to others.