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When You’re Trying to Figure out your Life Remember …

1. We can’t tell the future; we don’t know what lies ahead. All we can ever do is try to figure out a plan.

2. Your friends and your parents don’t know the future either. Your life is YOURS to live – don’t let them plan your life for you.

3. Enjoy what’s happening now; hang out, and do things with your friends. At least that is reality – so make the most of “now”.

4. Uncertainty and change are a big – normal – part of life. So, learn to become comfortable with “not knowing right now.”

5. Procrastination, although common, can really stop you from succeeding. Just take a step and act – regardless of the way you feel.

6. You need to learn to focus – and ignore all distractions – for, otherwise, you’ll never really progress or succeed.

7. Life is full of lots of chances – you can usually try again – or try another option if you mess things up this time.