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What to do with Feelings of Emptiness

1. Don’t attack yourself for feeling negative and empty. Your feelings are reflectors of your inner hurt and pain.

2. Try to pinpoint the reason for the hole that’s in your heart – is it loss of purpose, or a lost relationship, or is it having no direction, or nothing that brings joy?

3. Ask yourself if you feel wanted, or are loved for who you are. It may be no-one’s valued or affirmed you for being “you”.

4. Don’t escape into distractions like being busy all the time as that only briefly covers up the wound that’s deep inside.

5. Listen carefully to your self talk – notice negative put downs, or a lack of self respect, or when you’re hard upon yourself.

6. Choose to build yourself up and focus more upon self care. Be compassionate and caring, and kind towards yourself.

7. Invest in relationships which build your self esteem, and which gently start to nurture and develop your true self.

8. Remind yourself that you are worthy of a happy and full life. You deserve your goals and dreams. Decide to work to make them real.