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What are some PROs and CONs (in my opinion, take this with a grain of salt!)??

-Drying the fruit increases the concentration of some nutrients, like fiber, minerals, and vitamins. .
-Easy to transport, store, and eat on the go!!

-It is easy to overconsume calories when eating dried fruit. As you can see, a serving of mango slices is only 2-3, and I normally eat 3x that at once!
-Between the pretreatment and dehydration process, a lot of the nutritional value can be zapped.
-Many dried fruits are also covered with sugar. Beware of these!
-Most are pretreated to keep their color and dipped or blanched in a variety of substances such as ascorbic acid, pectin or juices.

😱SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?😱 That is completely up to you! Dried fruit is NOT bad for you. This is not a call to eliminate or unnecessarily limit your intake. It's just a post to break down dried fruit and help YOU figure out how much is right for YOUR diet!😍 πŸ‘‰What I do: I stick to fresh fruit as much as possible, but I also do enjoy dried fruit as toppings or snacks (I do try to make sure that I'm not overconsuming it). When buying dried fruit, I aim for organic varieties, without added sugars. When eaten in large quantities (and I mean large!), the calorically dense snack can contribute to weight gain.πŸ₯‘πŸŒ» WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let me know below!πŸ‘‡ ⠀