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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 18 Brush-Wood

Goals: Build four level 4 oil press, Free every worker, Repair
the temple

Starting resources:

New gameplay elements: Level 4 oil presses; the Great

Advice: The Earth Spirits won't be content until you build
four level 4 oil presses on this level. What's more, if you
don't immediately build on an empty lot, it will become
overgrow again.

Hints: After you free every worker, Manu-Ai will appear
more frequently.

Notes: A level 4 oil press produces 60 units of coconut oil.


1. Open two chests (1), catch fish twice (1-2), repair the
field (1-3) and unblock and repair the quarry (1-4).

2. Pet the Manu-Ai to heal your sick workers and unblock
the collector (2) and forge (2-2). Repair the forge.

3. Send the collector to gather flowers, free every
remaining worker (3), unblock and open every chest, dig up
the caches, move the leaves and catch more fish.

4. After the collector finds a flower, accumulate food and
then sacrifice it to the statue of the goddess  Build an
oil press on the empty lot and upgrade the press to the

5. Repair the altar  Keep sending the collector to gather
flowers and then take the food and the flower found in the
chest to the statue of the goddess. Build another oil press
on the empty lot and then upgrade the press to the max.

6. Continually use the Horn of Plenty, accumulate resources
and repair the Great Temple 

7. Bring two more flowers and more food to the statue of
the goddess, build an oil press on each empty lot and then
upgrade the presses to the max.