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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 12

Goals: Restore the altar, Scare away 30 jellyfish, Remove
the coral

Starting resources: 500 Food, 1,000 Mana
New gameplay elements: Level 3 oil presses.

Advice: If a jellyfish bites a worker, heal him using the
Raau sign.

Hints: A piece of the Namaki goddess' figurine is located on
this level.

Notes: To remove seaweed, you need 200 units of food and
50 units of mana.

1. Remove two piles of stone

2. Unblock and open the stone chest (2). Remove the stone
debris (2-2).

3. Pluck the seaweed (3). Remove the stone debris (3-2).
4. Unblock and open four stone chests

5. Repair the altar (5).

6. Remove all the coral around the seahorse (6).

7. Unblock and open the pirate chest (7). Chase away the
jellyfish and heal any sick workers using the Raau sign.