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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 9 Swamp-Land

Goals: Drain the land, Catch every swamp light, Gather a bouquet of three flowers

Starting resources: 36 Food, 60 Wood, 150 Ore

New gameplay elements: Level 2 bakeries; mud puddles; the water tower; floods.

Advice: To assemble a bouquet of flowers, you'll need to send the collector to search for blossoms several times.

Hints: Part of the Plant Goddess’ figurine is on this level.

Notes: Will-o-wisps are difficult to catch on the first try, but when you do, you'll receive a lot of mana as a reward.


1. Chop down two palm trees (1). Cover the mud puddle (1-2). Catch fish (1-3). Chop down the palm tree (1-4).

2. Continue to catch fish. Chop down two palm trees (2). Cover two mud puddles (2-2).

3. Catch more fish and then cook 20 units of food in the bakery (3). Cook 50 units of food and 100 units of food.

4. Unblock the field (4) and the damaged water tower (4-2). Continue to cook 100 units of food in the bakery. Remove every accessible obstacle. Chop down every accessible palm tree.

5. Trade 100 units of oil for mana in the temple twice  Continue to use the bakery.

6. Try to catch all three will-o-wisps  Send the collector (6-2) to search for flowers. Use the altar (6-3) and the Akhi sign if needed.

7. Talk to the priest after you catch every will-o-wisp (7). Unblock and open the chest (7-2). Continue to send the collector to look for flowers until you have three blossoms and trade for oil in the temple until you have 1,000 units of mana.

8. Acquire the piece of the figurine with the Hindu (8). Repair the water tower (4-2) and draw water.