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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 4

Goals: Start six fires, Learn the Fire Akhi Sign, Find the magic rune; Starting resources:

New gameplay elements: Droughts; completing tasks for priests; completing special tasks.

Advice: Continually trade stone for ore at the market to have what you need to give the Hindu in trade for coconut oil.

Hints: Remember the sequence for starting the fires. When you make a mistake, repeat the steps you already know and choose a different fire as the next one.

Notes: Try to irrigate fields ASAP. They don't produce resources during a drought.

1. Open two chests (1). Remove two piles of stone (1-2).

2. Unblock the quarry (2) and the broken oil press (2-2). Remove the stone debris (2-3) and the obstacle (2-4).

3. Unblock and open the chest (3). Repair the oil press (2-2). Fill the hole in the road (3-2).

4. Open the chest (4). Trade 50 units of stone for ore at the market. Trade (4-3) 50 units of coconut oil for mana in the temple.

5. Use one worker to start the fires and the other to trade coconut oil for mana in the temple, stone for ore at the market and ore for oil with the Hindu -  until you find the correct sequence of fires. Start all six fires.

6. Grab the Akhi sign from the priest (6). Remove the obstacle (6-2). Grab the piece of the Fire Co statue (6-3) located above the market. Open the gold chest (6-4) and
grab the rune.