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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 14 Mossy-Boggy

Goals: Learn the Henua Earth sign, Use the altar three times
to summon Manu-Ai, Pet three Manu-Ai

Starting resources: 10 Mana

New gameplay elements: Magical beasties called Manu-Ai;

Advice: Some piles of leaves have something useful under

Hints: Pieces of the Make-Make figurine and the Rune of
Generosity are located on this level.

Notes: If you pet a Manu-Ai, the happy beast will give you
30 units of mana.


1. Collect food from the breadfruit  Catch fish (1-2).

2. Unblock the bakery (2). Use one worker to continually
cook food and the other to unblock the market (2-2) and
two workers (2-3).

3. Use the Sandals of Speed (3). Trade 200 units of stone
for ore at the market twice. Repair the temple (3-2).

4. Continue to use the bakery. Dig up two caches (4).
Unblock and open the chest (4-2). Remove the leaves (4-3)
and pluck the flowers that were under them.

5. Give the flowers to the priest (5) and unblock and
remove the leaves (5-2). Open the chest that was under

6. Use the Wealth Scales. Trade the maximum amount of
food or stones for ore at the market three times. Give the
ore to the priest (6). Unblock the oil press (6-2). Dig up the
cache (6-3).

7. Use the Horn of Plenty. Trade 50 units of coconut oil for
mana in the temple.

8. Give wood to the scout (8). Use the Sandals of Speed.
Unblock and open every chest in the thicket.

9. Use the cursor to pet the three Manu-Ai that run out of
the thicket. Talk to the priest (9) and grab the Henua sign.