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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 15 Tous-Le

Goals: Put out every building, Perform the rain ritual, Find
the ancient relic

Starting resources:

New gameplay elements: Using the Henua sign; using the
Vai sign; level 3 bakeries.

Advice: After you put out every fire, Manu-Ai will appear
more often.

Hints: A piece of the Prosperity God figurine is located on
this level.

Notes: 100 units of food increases to 250 units of food in a
level 3 bakery.


1. Collect food from two breadfruits  Unblock the quarry
(1-2) and bakery (1-3). Catch fish and pet the Manu-Ai beasts

to acquire mana.

2. Use the Vai sign to put out the fire in the quarry (1-2).
Repair the quarry and then put out the fires in the field (2)
and sawmill (2-2).

3. Unblock the altar (3) and unblock, extinguish and repair
the oil press (3-2), market (3-3) and bakery (1-3).

4. Begin to continually cook food in the bakery. Remove
every obstacle. Put out the fire and repair the hut (4).

5. Use the Wealth Scales. Begin to trade oil for mana in
the temple and stones for ore at the market.

6. Dig up every caches. Continue to cook food in the

7. Cook enough food to make a trade with the merchant
(7). Use the Wealth Scales to collect mana and then talk to
the priest (7-2).

8. Any key found in a caches opens any wooden chest.
Ancient relics will always be found in the last one.