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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 13 Slush-Glug

Goals: Find and clear the holy spring

Starting resources: 9 Food, 35 Wood

Advice: Use the bakery to acquire food faster.

Hints: The chests in the thicket contain food and wood.

Notes: You'll need food, stones and mana to clean and
restore the Holy Spring.


1. Send one worker to chop down five palm trees (1) and
the other to continually catch fish (1-2).

2. Unblock the quarry (2). Repair the field (2-2) and the

3. Catch fish and unblock and repair the oil press (3).

4. Chop down two palm trees  Unblock and repair the
forge (4-2) and bakery (4-3).

5. Chop down the remaining palm trees. Unblock the temple
(5) and hut (5-2).

6. Cook food in the bakery. Dig up two caches  Repair
the hut and altar (6-2).

7. Give coconut oil to the scout  Repair the temple
Unblock the Holy Spring (7-2). Unblock and open every

8. Use the Wealth Scales. Trade oil for mana in the temple
twice. Cook food in the bakery.

9. Clean the spring (7-2).