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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 8 Fire-Wind

Goals: Conquer the Fire element, Put out every building, Use the Akhi Fire sign four times

Starting resources: 100 Mana

Advice: When a fire fountain bursts out of the surface, you need mana. Use Kao-Ri's necklace and the rune of Satisfaction.

Hints: The rune of Spirit Mercy is located on this level.

Notes: The Rune of Spirit Mercy increases the amount of
time the altar is active.


1. Open the chest (1). Free the worker (1-2). Cook 50 units of food in the bakery (1-3). Grab the fruit basket (1-4).

2. Use one worker to cook as much food as possible in the bakery. Use the other worker to unblock and open the chest  Cover the pool of lava (2-2). Free the worker (2-3)-

3. Use one worker to use the Clover (3) while using the other workers to chop up every fallen tree and fill every lava pool

4. Cook food in the bakery. Draw water from the well (4) eight times. Put out the fire and repair the oil press (4-2), field (4-3) and hut (4-4).

5. Use the Akhi sign. Use the Clover and collect four fire ferns  Grab the fruit basket. Open every chest. Chop down palm trees. Build a temple (5-2).

6. Use the Akhi sign. Use the Wealth Scales. Trade 100 units of oil for mana in the temple twice.

7. Use the Akhi sign. Bring mana to the lava lake

8. Use the Akhi sign.