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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 17 Brush-Wood

Goals: Find the way through, Gather breadfruit, Accumulate
1,200 mana

Starting resources:

New gameplay elements: Honey trees.

Advice: Pet Manu-Ai beasts to collect mana quicker.
Hints: The rune of Fertility is located on this level.

Notes: When you collect honey, bees will sting one worker.


1. Collect food from two breadfruits (1). Catch fish (1-2).
Unblock the quarry (1-3) and bakery (1-4).

2. Catch fish. Repair the quarry and sawmill (2). Cook food
in the bakery. Pet the Manu-Ai beasts. Unblock and repair
the oil press (2-2). Remove every obstacle. Open every
chest. Collect food from every breadfruit.

3. Repair the market (3). Trade wood for ore twice.
4. Repair the temple (4) and the altar (4-2).

5. Use the Wealth Scales. Trade 100 units of oil for mana in
the temple three times.

7. Cook food in the bakery. Trade oil for mana in the
temple. Collect honey  Use the Raau sign to heal the
stung workers.

6. Collect six units of honey and give them to the scout


7. Dig up the cache (7) and trade oil for mana in the
temple until you have completed the level.