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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Kao-Ri Level 16

Goals: Remove the spell from every lot, Produce 1,000 units
of coconut oil, Build two level 3 bakeries

Starting resources:
New gameplay elements: The wizard and enchanted lots.

Advice: If you run short of stone or any other resource, try
your luck with the collectors.

Hints: A piece of the Plants Goddess' figurine is located on
this level.

Notes: Wizards are cunning blackmailers! They cover empty
lots with debris and then demand something of value in
order to remove the spell.


1. Collect food from two breadfruits (1). Unblock the field
(1-2). Catch fish once (1-3).

2. Unblock the sawmill (2) and market (2-2). Catch fish
once. Unblock and open the chest (2-3).

3. Continue to catch fish. Remove every accessible obstacle.
Remove the leaves. Open every accessible chest.

4. Trade 200 unit of wood, 200 units of food and 200 units
of wood for ore. Give the ore to the Pathfinder 

5. Unblock two oil presses (5). Remove every accessible
obstacle. Open every chest.

6. Send the collector (6) to search for resources until she
brings stone three times. Trade 200 units of food for ore at
the market. Repair the temple (6-2).

7. Bring 100 units of wood to the altar as a gift  Trade
100 units of oil in the temple and 200 units of food at the
market twice.

8. Give mana to the wizard (8). Dig up every cache but one

9. Build two bakeries in the empty lots (9). Trade 200 units
of food for ore at the market.

10. Upgrade two bakeries (9) to level 3.

11. Bring 100 units of oil to the altar. Cook food in two
bakeries until you have 1,000 units. Trade the food for oil
with the Hindu (11). Collect the required amount of coconut