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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Level 2 Tui Tui

Goals: Free every worker, Make a necklace, Collect 500 units
of mana

Starting resources:

New gameplay elements: Oil presses and coconut oil;
acquiring mana at the temple; trading at the market;
trading with jewelers and merchants; fruit baskets; fishing.

Advice: First, free every worker and unblock and repair
every structure.

Hints: To complete the level as quickly as possible, keep
every worker busy. Send them to fish and chop down palm
trees when there are no other tasks to perform.

Notes: You can assign tasks to your workers in advance.
Once they finish their current task, they'll do the next one.


1. Open the gold chest (1), use the Sandals of Speed and
catch every fish (1-2).

2. Chop up the fallen tree (2) and unblock the field (2-2).

3. Grab the fruit basket (3) and chop up the fallen tree

4. Remove the debris and free two workers (4)

5. Unblock and repair the broken oil press (5) and free the
worker (5-2).

6. Open every wooden chest

7. Unblock and repair the market (7), trade 100 units of
coconut oil for mana in the temple and chop down every
remaining palm tree.

8. Trade with the merchant (8) and give the sapphire to
the jeweler (8-2).

9. Trade zoo units of stone for ore at the market and 50
units of coconut oil for mana in the temple.

9. Fish in both lakes until you have 200 units of food.
Trade the food for ore at the market and then give the ore
to the jeweler (8-2).

10. Trade 100 units of coconut oil for mana in the temple.