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[Tutorial // Guide] Moai 5/V: New Generation. Collectors Edition | Level 1 Tui Tui

Goals: Produce 250 units of food, open every chest, build two gold mines

Starting resources: 9 food, 10 gold coins

New gameplay elements: Gathering resources, clearing derbis, building, repairing and demolishing structures, fixing bridges, chopping down trees, opening chests, using bonuses, using the Sandals of Speed


Hints: to finish a level faster, use two workers and resources

Notes: Vou don't need to click on resources to collect them. Simply move the mouse cursor over them to pick them up. Do this quickly! Production buildings don't make more resources until you've collected the ones they've produced.


1. Chop up the fallen tree (1), gather the resources from the
field (1-2) and sawmill (1-3) and repair the quarry (1-4).

2. Send two workers to chop down four palm trees (2).

3. Send one worker to remove the stone debris (3) and another one to fill the hole in the road by the field (3-2).

4. Remove the debris (4) and open the gold chest (4-2).

5. Use the Sandals of Speed and then unblock the damaged forge (5) and the empty lot (5-2)

6. Repair the forge (5) and build a gold mine (5-2). Chop down two palm trees (7), remove the stone debris

7. (7-2) and fill the hole in the road (7-3).

8. Open three wooden chests (8).

9. Chop down two palm trees (9), demolish the field (3-2)
and build a second gold mine.

10. Repair the bridge (10) and open the chest (10-2).