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Peanut butter on Toast vs Peanut Butter on Toast 🍞⠀

Both are made from one slice of the same bread, both have a spread of the same peanut butter on top. However one side is roughly 150 calories more than to the other.⠀

I bladdy love a bit of PB but it can be super easy to accidentally-on-purpose spread half a jar on a piece of toast lol (I've been there 🌝) Because nut butters are high fat, they tend to be high in calories. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FINE GUYS. It's just something to bare in mind if weight-loss (or weight-gain) is your goal. Weighing out yo PB is a good method of managing this.⠀

Left Slice:⠀
- 1 slice of Hovis Wholemeal Bread (88 kcal)⠀
- 15g Peanut Butter (94 kcal)⠀

Right Slice:⠀
- 1 slice of Hovis Wholemeal Bread (88 kcal)⠀
- 40g Peanut Butter (250 kcal)⠀

As you know from my recent posts, I'm about enjoying ALL ze food and there is nothing I cut out of my diet that I like the taste of - no matter my goal. Learning how to manage portion sizes has allowed me to achieve this! I hope this helps my fellow PB addicts out there. I got chu. 😏😏😏⠀