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New ARKit demos: Tesla Model 3, food ordering & inter-dimensional portal

With the new ARKit framework for building augmented reality (AR) appsApple is turning existing iOS devices into the largest AR platform in the world.
First up, a demo app by an impatient Tesla fan who couldn’t wait for his ordered Model 3 so he made this ARKit-powered app that lets him drive around a virtual Model 3 in his real world, activate the headlights and so forth.
Food ordering will never be the same, says developer Alper Guler who created an ARKit-driven app which renders various foods on your table that you can pan around, zoom in and out, rotate and more.
And last but not least, we have French consulting agency Nedd which came up with a greatexample of AR+VR, via
Before signing off, here’s a quick volumetric capture example with ARKit.

Very impressive so far, don’t you think?