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Bacon VS Turkey Bacon! know your food substitutes

Disclaimers*: Nutrition facts for both types can vary based on brand, cut, etc but the brands I used for this post are named at the end of this post. This post is meant to inform you of your bacon choices if you choose to eat it! Depending on your physique, health, etc goals, you may opt for one type over the other

From a macronutrient perspective, "regular" bacon (pork ) is typically higher in fat than turkey bacon, which makes it a bit of a higher calorie option. However, with this option, you will get that full-on bacon flavor! ❤️

Turkey bacon on the other hand definitely isn't as flavor-packed as regular bacon. However, it IS typically higher in protein, as well as lower in fat & calories, which means you could eat 2 slices of turkey bacon (depending on the brand) for the caloric price of 1 slice of regular bacon (this is my bacon of choice, if given the option)

Moral of the story from strictly a macronutrient perspective (*I do recognize there's more at play here health wise*), if given the choice between "regular" bacon & turkey bacon, turkey bacon may be a better option for you if you're looking for lower calorie OR if you want that extra slice but if you're looking for a tasty treat "regular" may be the one! Knowledge is power, so use to it eat for your goals and enjoy your Memorial Day breakfast!!