A handful of both are around the same amount of calories and could both be used as a snack option.✅Yes the almonds would be the healthier choice out of the two, no question. They contain good fats and more vitamins and minerals than the fruit pastel lollies.🙋‍♂️But I must admit, I'm a lollie guy. And if I had the choice for an afternoon pick me up, I'd probably go with the pastels 9 times out of 10.👌Not because I think they are healthier, but because they'd be my personal preference. And if the rest of my diet is filled with the good stuff (micronutrients, fiber etc) then there's no reason I couldn't enjoy them without feeling guilty or like I'd messed up on my diet.🔑 Having the flexibility to incorporate foods like this into my diet without the guilt and feelings of restriction has been the key to long term sustainability for me. ⠀
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