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7 Things to do when you’re Feeling Lonely

1. Try to reconnect with an old friend from “way back” – even if it’s just by facebook or text.

2. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air – and notice the beauty and the freedom you sense there.

3. Read a good book – and enjoy being inspired and imaging a life in a different kind of world.

4. Get on your bike, jog, or go to the gym – as exercise is great for improving your mood.

5. Chat to the people who serve you in the store, or at the coffee shop … or anywhere you are – it can make you feel a part of that greater world out there.

6. Listen to some music that makes you feel alive, and maybe even dance, or try to sing along to it.

7. Remind yourself it’s normal to be alone at times, and you don’t need other people to give you self esteem.