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How to survive Bad News and Hard Times

1. Accept where you are – even though that’s hard to do. Being honest and real will help you function and survive. You need to push through the shock, and the pain, and the denial.

2. ecognise that this is “now” … but change is also possible. It’s a bad part of your story – but you can still have a bright future.

3. Look for something you are grateful for – a lesson you have a learned, a friend who’s understanding, or the chance to start again.

4. Try to find some meaning and some purpose in your life. You’re so much more than what has happened. See this as one incident.

5. Seek to be more mindful, and to just live in this moment. Don’t let your mind rush ahead, so you are filled with fear or dread.

6. Try to slow down for a while, and take things slowly if you can. You need to take care of yourself and ration out your energy.

7. Remember struggles make us stronger. They help develop perseverance. One day you’ll look back with amazement at how you’ve grown and changed.