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You can now save your Instagram live videos

Facebook-owned Instagram announced Monday that users can now save their own live-streamed Instagram videos to their iPhone. You can now tap Save in the upper-right corner of a finished live video to save the broadcast to the Photos library on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The iPhone photography app will continue to remove live videos from the interface after you’ve watched them, but you can now hold onto any video to re-watch it later. These updates require Instagram 10.12, available free from App Store.
Videos saved to the device are no longer available via the Instagram app. Any comments, likes, number of viewers or live interactions are not exported to your iPhone’s Photos library when you save a live video from Instagram.
Instagram accepts videos up to 1,080 pixels wide and at up to 30 frames per second. Like before, you can save a photo or video you’ve already shared via the  menu. Twitter’s Periscope app and Facebook’s mainland app both have allowed users to save videos for some time now.