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The Importance of Checking In

Checking in with yourself is an act of self-affirmation, a way of reminding yourself that your inner being matters. It is also a way of giving yourself credit for all your efforts. Some good times to check in with yourself include: when you are being triggered, right after talking about what you’ve experienced, right after a therapy session, etc. 
Suggestions for How to Check InThink about the following questions/statement, and if you journal, consider writing your answers.
  • What are you thinking right now?
  • How are you feeling?  Empowered, drained, frightened, ashamed, hopeful, angry, or some other feeling? Recognize these feelings as valid and true.
  • What physical discomforts are you experiencing? 
  • Do you need to contact a trusted friend or seek medical care?
  • If you are feeling very frightened, afraid or distressed what can you do right now to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, or mentally?
  • Acknowledge the work you have done thus far in healing.
  • Share your happiness or joy with someone close to you.