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The best iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

Luca Todesco’s Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 is technically still in beta, however as of beta 6, the jailbreak has been considered ‘as stable as it’s going to get’ and can now be used by the public in the words of Todesco himself.
That said, if you have already jailbroken your device, or you are getting ready to, you will want to know about some of the best new iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks you can get, and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this roundup.

The best new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10

Sorted in no particular order, here are some of the best jailbreak tweaks that have only been released within the last couple of months. All of these have been designed with iOS 10 in mind:


Horseshoe is definitely one of the coolest iOS 10-specific jailbreak tweaks I’ve seen so far, as it takes the multi-page Control Center that comes stock with iOS 10 and consolidates it into a single-page interface.
In doing so, not only does the UI look better, but it means you can access some of the most important music settings with just a single tap, rather than having to swipe over first.
I’m also particularly a fan of that new slider, which can be toggled between brightness and volume mode on demand, rather than having two separate sliders eating up space individually. The same can be said for the buttons for AirPlay/AirDrop/Night Shift mode, which are all now consolidated into a single bar, rather than eating up two separate rows of space.
Horseshoe is a $1.99 tweak, but a lot of time and development went into its creation to make Control Center look sleek, as you would expect it to, all while keeping all of the functionality there at the same time.
Eclipse 4
Eclipse is just about one of the jailbreak community’s most sought after jailbreak tweaks, so when it was finally updated with full support for iOS 10, there was no doubt that would make this list.
With this tweak, you get a system-wide night mode across all of your iPhone or iPad’s apps. The night mode can be toggled on or off at any time with Activator or Flipswitch.
More importantly, you can control the colors that are used and you can even control what apps and what interfaces get colorized. With this high level of customization and uniformity, this tweak is a step above any night mode jailbreak tweak ever produced, hands-down.
Combined with other tweaks, such as the one we’re about to show you below, you can have one wicked-looking jailbroken iPhone.
For those who have always wanted a kind of ‘dark mode’ for iOS, just like the one that has been available on macOS for some time, Noctis is the tweak for you.
This tweak darkens interfaces like Control Center, the application dock, application folders, the volume HUD, and even Control Center.
It doesn’t darken app interfaces, but it can be used in junction with tweaks like Eclipse or Nightmode9 to make a fuller effect.
CCRecord is a really simple and free jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 devices that adds a shortcut to Control Center for recording your iPhone’s screen.
Interestingly, there is already code in iOS 10 for doing this, and there’s even a toggle for Control Center for it, but the jailbreak developer found a way to enable this native feature for jailbreakers.
Once you tap on the button, Apple’s native screen-recording process begins, and it will continue until you re-open Control Center and tap on the button again. At this point, a .MOV file gets saved to your Camera Roll that shows everything you just did on your iPhone.
CCLowPower is yet another free Control Center tweak aimed at iOS 10 devices, which enables a hidden Low Power Mode toggle button in Control Center.
It appears Apple is experimenting with this feature and has hidden code in iOS 10 already, but this tweak simply enables the feature prematurely for jailbreakers.
The button, when tapped, enables Low Power Mode, and when tapped again, disables it. The button glows green when it’s turned on, and dims out again when you turn it back off.
Evanesco is another great tweak that can be had for free that was designed with iOS 10 in mind, and it’s meant to give your iPhone a cool aesthetic whenever it’s left to sit idle for a few seconds.
Whenever you don’t touch your iPhone for a while, it will dim the objects on your Home screen to make your wallpaper easier to see; these objects include the app icons, dock, and the Status Bar. When you touch your device’s screen again, everything will return to normal.
For the most part, you’re not going to be sitting and gawking at your Home screen all day long, but it’s still a pretty cool aesthetic that you can add to your jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone.
Cream 2
Cream 2 is a jailbreak tweak for Control Center in iOS 10 that lets you colorize the toggle buttons to appear any color you want them to whenever they’re enabled, and it can be had for free.
This tweak is perfect for those of you that like to customize your device so it doesn’t look like anyone else’s, and because you can choose your own colors, you can give it a splash of your own personality.
Creamless is basically the exact opposite of Cream 2; rather than colorizing your Control Center toggle buttons, this tweak extracts the color away from them. Despite being the opposite, it’s still the same in that it’s free.
This tweak is best for minimalists who don’t want to see a rainbow whenever they’re using their toggle buttons in Control Center. It effectively makes the toggle icons simply glow white when enabled, and dim back to black when disabled.
iOS 10 comes with bigger Emojis in the Messages app whenever they’re sent or received without any additional text, a feature that’s reminiscent of Facebook Messenger’s stickers.
For those who don’t like this, and want to go back to how things were in iOS 9, Littlemoji is a free tweak that returns the size of sent and received Emojis in the Messages app to the size of a line of text.
This means Emojis take up less space and you can see more of your conversation at a glance.
Cuttlefish is a free tweak that tints your 3D Touch menus and their blurred backgrounds to match the dominant color of the app icon you’re using the 3D Touch gesture on.
This tweak is fully aesthetic, offering no functional use, but it does look pretty nice and makes your iPhone stand out from everyone else’s.
More importantly, this tweak works flawlessly with extensions like Forcy and RevealMenu on devices that don’t support 3D Touch natively, so everyone can cash in on the fun.
CCTButtonActions is another pretty cool free jailbreak tweak for iOS 10. This one lets you use 3D Touch gestures on your toggle buttons to get to their respective preference panes in the Settings app.
If you need to get to your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Do Not Disturb preference panes quickly without navigating the Settings app, for example, then this tweak is for you. It also brings you to the Airplane Mode preference pane when the Airplane Mode toggle is 3D Touched and to the Display & Brightness preference pane when the Rotation Lock toggle is 3D Touched.
NoSharePlz is a simple tweak for iOS 10 that gets rid of that annoying “Share This App” option in the 3D Touch menus via the Home screen.
For the most part, no one really uses these menus, and it has been requested time and time again for a jailbreak tweak to remove these menus to cut down on clutter.


Gorgone is a free jailbreak tweak that enables Slide Over and Split View on unsupported devices, which includes those running iOS 10.
Because the feature was normally limited to only certain iPads before, there were some iPad models that couldn’t utilize the feature, while iPhone and iPod touch users were also included in that discrimination.
After you install this tweak, you can slide over from the right side of the screen to access your app picker, which lets you do into dual-app mode and see them running side-by-side.

Honorable mentions

1) Activator
Activator is a true staple for any jailbroken iPhone, and on Ryan Petrich’s beta repository, you can download a beta version of Activator for iOS 10. Need I say any more?
2) Barrel
A true classic, this tweak lets you change your page-to-page Home screen animations. It still works flawlessly on iOS 10.
3) CallBar
A great way to change up the incoming call interface in iOS 10 without being too rudely interrupted by a full-screen notification.
4) ForceInPicture
If you have a device that doesn’t support Picture-in-Picture mode natively, you can use this tweak to forcefully enable it.
5) iFile
iFile is a staple for jailbroken devices, and allows you to browse and edit your iOS filesystem. It’s good for cleaning out junk files from time to time. It’s not officially supported on iOS 10, but everything appears to work.
6) PowerDown
My personal favorite way to force a respring when you need to. It lets you choose from several power options when you press and hold the power button, such as respring, reboot, shut down, and safe mode.
7) TetherMe
Another classic. If you want to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot, but your carrier doesn’t let you, you can use this for forcefully enable the feature.

Other stuff you need to know

More jailbreak tweaks are being released almost every day, so it’s hard to keep up with them in a single roundup and continue to go over every single one of the classics that have existed for years. That said, if there’s something you want to know about that isn’t on this list, then I will redirect you to the iOS 10 compatibility spreadsheet, which has a full list of compatibility statuses for most jailbreak tweaks in existence today.
Keep in mind that because the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 is still in beta, many jailbreak developers are still developing for the iOS 9 platform, and many haven’t even upgraded. That said, both the iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbreaks are considered “modern” at this point in time, so we’ll probably continue to see iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks despite having a public jailbreak for iOS 10.
Since Saurik finally enabled purchases on iOS 10 with the release of Cydia 1.1.28 (stable), developers can now offer paid jailbreak tweaks on iOS 10. This will spur the launches of several more jailbreak tweaks to come.
Finally, remember to be careful when installing tweaks on iOS 10, as not all jailbreak tweaks are compatible or completely stable. You try jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak your iOS 10 device at your own risk, with no warranty implied, as has been the story since the first jailbreak was conceived.