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You don’t have to be the greatest.

It’s in our nature as humans. We have this insatiable drive to be the best. We need to improve. We need to prove ourselves to others. More than that we need to prove ourselves to ourselves. It never seems like enough though, does it? We don’t want to be a great- we want to be the greatest. Let me save you a lot of time and grief by promising you that you don’t need to be the greatest.
“Blessed the man and woman who is able to serve cheerfully in the second rank.” - Mary Slessor
Our drive to improve is wonderful, but only within reason. It goes without saying that being the “greatest” is impossible. You could easily spend your entire life chasing after something and shaking your head while looking in the mirror, but I don’t think you want that. All you really need to be is good. You don’t have to be the best something or other, you only have to be a good one. Think about some of your favorite people that you know (in real life). Are they really the best at anything? No, they are just wonderful people who are self-assured. You can be wonderful too, you just need to be proud of what you’re good at and go with that.