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The Sims 4 Mod Idea: Unlockable Maid Career!

You remember how in TS3, how if you married a Maid, your Sims could inherit the Maid trait and become really good at cleaning?
Well, I think it’s high time that we got something similar for TS4, but in the form of the actual Maid career. No more unemployed, married Maids! Maid-ing isn’t the highest paid job out there, but even newlyweds (especially newlyweds) gotta pay the bills!

Now, since this is way, way above my skill level, I’m putting the idea out there as a free-for-all for any modder that wants to take a stab at it.
Here’s how I see it working:
Maids, by default, are employees in the new “Maid” career, which for whatever reason, cannot be used in normal gameplay. You gotta earn it. When you marry a Maid, therefore she’s still in the Maid career, and can progress further up the career ladder (in the form of higher-paying clients). But, and here’s the good part, her family members can also become Maids. Think of it as a family business.
Ideally, it’d be a “disappear off the lot” job instead of an active career (since Maid-ing is typically done on Residential lots), but with Get To Work’s random events, where you get sent to a really messy house, and you have to clean it. And, well, if your Sim is a Kleptomaniac, you better make sure you’re not caught lugging that 100-inch flatscreen TV out the door!
And, yeah. Would be cool to see it made.