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Saving yourself

People always say nobody can help you if you don’t want to help yourself, you’re going to have to save yourself in the end. That is true. Bur when you aren’t that motivated to recover, it may sound harsher than it is.
Picture this: you fall into a deep hole in the ground. You can’t climb up and have no idea what to do. So, instead of sitting there or trying to get out all on your own, you decide call for help.
A person comes. Here you might feel discouraged and unsure if you’ll ever get out at all. That’s why the person should suggest a plan for you: “Wait, I’ll go get a rope ladder!”
So, the person comes back with the ladder. But they doesn’t just throw it down at you, you still need them to hold onto it so you won’t fall when you climb, so they stay with you.
Now you have a ladder ready and you can climb up. But now you’ve been in the hole for quite a while and your doubting if there even is a point in getting out at all. Here the person should say: “Hey, I need you to climb up now, even though it feels pointless! Just place you hands on the ropes and take it step by step because I won’t let you stay there!” Through this you have eventually escaped from the hole and are back on the ground again.
My point: Saving yourself doesn’t mean you should get yourself out of that hole all on your own. It only means you should call for help and even though you are the one to take those steps, it is a hundred times easier when someone has gotten you a rope ladder and told you what to do. A good psych team should be able to do that for you.