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It’s Good to Talk

Some think that talking is a total waste of time; that it’s just hot air that leads nowhere in the end. But counselors would argue that talking really helps. The reasons for this are summarized below:

1. Talking is cathartic: Often we feel empty, worn out or overwhelmed.  We’re uptight, tense and emotionally drained. We’re trapped by our painful experiences in life – and we don’t know what to do to get some temporary relief. At times like this, just expressing how we feel – the raw emotion and that sense of being stuck - can be extremely cathartic, and ease some of the pain.

2. Feeling heard and understood is therapeutic: When someone truly listens, and we sense it’s genuine, the pain starts to ease and the old wounds start to heal. We don’t feel so abandoned, rejected or alone.  

3. Talking helps us find new solutions to our problems: As we talk about our problems, we find that we express information and ideas that we hadn't voiced before. And as we hear ourselves speak, these new thoughts start making sense … And often new solutions will pop into our head!  

4. Identifying self-talk can free us from old habits: Often we don’t notice how negative we are, and the way entrenched beliefs holds us back, and keeps us trapped. But once we start to see the way we talk about ourselves, we can challenge our self-talk, and start to be more positive. That changes how we feel – and how we act as well.