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How to be Confident Without Being Arrogant

1. Be approachable – Someone who’s standoffish, or likes to keep their distance, tends to make other people feel uncomfortable.  But if you’re warm and friendly, and have open body language, you’ll help other people to feel much more at ease.

2. Be natural and genuine – We can tell if other people are being insincere, or if their compliments are false, or if they’re trying to impress. But if you work on being natural, and revealing your true self, you will seem like a “real person” who doesn’t wear a mask.

3. Be modest, and be willing to share the praise with others – Give other people credit for the things that they do well, and notice their hard work, and their personal contributions.

4. Listen carefully to others, and ask for their advice – We appreciate when others want to learn from our experience, or they ask us what we think, or they want to know our views. But a proud know-it-all never asks for others’ input. They’re sure that they are right, and others’ viewpoints do not matter.

5. Admit your mistakes and your areas of weakness – It makes you seem more human, and much more likeable, as we all make mistakes and are conscious of our flaws.