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Dream. Then make a clear plan.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of creating a plan. I’ve seen myself dreaming about the future all the time, but sometimes not doing anything about it. I listen to people talk about dreams they have all the time. If you want it to happen, you can make it happen starting today. When are you going to sit down, identify what you want, and make a smart (and fun) plan to make your dream a reality?
“It may be that those who do most, dream most.” - Stephen Butler Leacock
What is your dream? Write it down and then write down a plan that makes sense for you. Yes, many dreams take a while to achieve, but the people who achieve them have spent that long “a while” working at it. The best way to achieve your dreams is to make a plan, work hard, and have faith in your ability. Maybe this means promising yourself that you will write a short story on your blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Maybe it means you go do stand-up comedy every Thursday night, no matter what. A couple years ago I hit it big in Internet publishing, and it was only because I promised myself to post articles on a set schedule. I stuck to it and eventually everything changed for me. Once you have a dream you can have motivation, once you have motivation you can make a plan, and once you have a plan all you need is time to make your dream come true.