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A Year In Stardew Valley | Wednesday Spring 17, Year 1

I’ve sometimes wondered where the tipping point is between creepy and mysterious. And now I think I somewhat understand. Seeing Marlon alone in the.mine, not knowing him at all: Definitely creepy. Seeing Marlon alongside Gil, waiting quietly at the Adventures’ Guild: Rudy mysterious.

These two contentious characters, evidently, spend their evenings here at this fantastical cabin. If I had an inkling of what they did aside from sitting around and occasionally updating the hunt numbers, it wouldn’t be so strange. But the pair sit so quietly, hardly moving. I decided against trying to help them reach their hunt goals on the bulletin board. But this whole setup they have may just keep me curious enough to do it.
Seeing how sidetracked I was becoming, I decided to stop in at the community center to chat with the Juminos. Visiting them was markedly more natural and leagues less haunting now. Despite that, after many attempts, I couldn’t get a picture of the Juminos to turn out. I guess it’s just some kind of magic they posses.
I asked the Juminos what the next steps should be to rebuild the community center. They explained to me, keeping some of the more complex details to themselves, the basic items they will need. Mostly crops and various other farm goods, fish (well shucks) and some mined materials. The Juminos have some sort of ritual or something of the likes that they use the goods in to restore the building. I have no clue how it works, but the evidence certainly suggests that whatever they’re doing is working. Hopefully I’ll have a crop of cauliflower done soon, which should help them significantly. If nothing else, I’ve got an updated shopping list of what I need to finish the community center.