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A Year In Stardew Valley | Wednesday Spring 10, Year 1

Today is, potentially, both the strangest and coolest day I’ve had since moving out here to Stardew Valley. Marnie greeted me first thing in the morning with a puppy!

As bizarre as it sounds, I guess someone abandoned the poor pup, and it wandered out to the south end of the farm. Marnie spotted him from her house and brought him up to the farmhouse. I named him Jarvis after great grandpa. It felt fitting.
To follow that up, I found an odd letter in the mailbox from “the wizard”, which I initially thought might be a prank. It wasn’t much, just a small note saying I should come visit that one ominous tower in the south forest and this wizard would help me with the community center. Apparently Stardew Valley is a watering hole for these mildly creepy dudes. I know this isn’t a good excuse for a bad decision, but I thought to myself “well, the rest of these strange folk haven’t tried to kill me.“ Regardless, I found myself shortly thereafter knocking at the door of the tower.

This time, it turns out, the wizard was legitimately frightening. I wouldn’t say that I was naive to beliefs outside of Yoba, but the sheer amount of occult things around the wizard’s place made me a bit uneasy. All that aside, he did explain to me the strange little creatures I had seen haunting the community center. I guess they’re called Juminos, and they’re little forest spirits. After drinking some psychedelic beverage the wizard offered me, I was able to read the letter and plaque they left in the community center.

I’m new to working with spirits of any kind, but I figured any help I could get on the community center would be a huge plus. I gathered a few different wild plants that the Juminos asked for and brought them back to the community center.

As a thank you, the Juminos gave me a handful of seeds and revealed two new plaques. Shortly after, they set to work cleaning up a bit of the front room. After a bit of cleaning it looked like it might have once been some sort of craft or art room.
Now that I’ve finally had a chance to stop for a few minutes, the oddities of what actually happened today have set in. As it was happening, things didn’t seem all the out of place, but when I reflect on them, it’s just a touch absurd. Even so, I’m really glad to have the Juminos helping me with the community center. I feel like I can actually get somewhere on it now.